Napoleon dynamite is an American independent film that has garnered a following, and rose beyond more than its creators ever thought it would be. It was co-written by Jared Hess and Jerusha Hess, and is starring Jon Heder. This was Heder's breakout role in Hollywood, and later on went to star in the hit movies The Bench Warmers and Blades of Glory. The movie's debut was in the Sundance Festival in January of 2004, which is an American independent film festival being held in Utah annually, and is the largest independent film festival in the entire United States of America. Napoleon Dynamite was given limited release later on in the year in June, but because of the clamor about the movie, it was given a wide release later on in the same year, going on to gross more than $44.5 million.
Napoleon Dynamite has a simple story, yet this simplicity is what caught people's attention. Some of the words that were used to describe the movie are "fresh," and Michael Atkinson of The Village Voice praised the film as "an epic, magisterially observed pastiche on all-American geek-hood, flooring the competition with a petulant shove." Although it has garnered a lot of praise, it has also received almost as much criticism, with people saying that the "brand of stupid" that Napoleon Dynamite has just isn't funny anymore.
Be that as it may, Napoleon Dynamite has become somewhat iconic to the current generation of young people. Various items and references to the movie are seen via "Pedro for President" t-shirts and Napoleon Dynamite glasses that have become quite popular. The Napoleon Dynamite costume is also one that is very popular during Halloween season, partly because it's funny, but mostly because it is so easy to do. Here are a few suggestions on how you can create your own Napoleon Dynamite costume, and even the other characters as well.